Peg, The Virtues of Things, ROH Linbury 2015
"The five members of the excellent ensemble cast give their all, dispatching Rogers’ largely conversational vocal lines with conviction and drawing us into the drama."

Peg, The Virtues of Things, Snape Maltings 2015
"Theatrically as well as musically the singers were uniformly excellent, David Stout as the stolid 'we've always done it this way' Selby, Fiona Kimm as a sparky, vibrant Ellipsis and Robyn Allegra Parton giving a most accomplished performance as young Peg Selby, perfectly capturing the uncertainties and enthusiasms of youth."

Peg, The Virtues of Things, ROH Linbury 2015
"Rogers’ vocal writing rarely unbends into melody, but both the wonderfully watchable Curievici and soprano Robyn Parton (Peg) manage to discover some beautiful lines in it, even when sitting in the outer reaches of their register. These two also carry the lion’s share of the drama, playing nicely off one another as tragedy and farce begin to collide."

Peg, The Virtues of Things, ROH Linbury 2015
"She [Ellipsis] would have been the highlight, if it were not Robyn Allegra Parton’s Peg absolutely show-stealing Peg. Bright, young and blessed with a voice of superb purity (and a great sense of pitch), plus a palpable stage presence, she is a talent to be watched."

Peg, The Virtues of Things, ROH Linbury 2015
"The five first-rate singers flounder with the material but deliver it like stars"

Peg, The Virtues of Things, ROH Linbury 2015
"But words are clearly set, setting the stage for some strong characterisations, with Fiona Kimm judging the role of the eccentric Ellipsis de Selby to a nicety and Paul Curievici entirely credible as the technologically savvy Eames. Neither David Stout as Selby de Selby nor Richard Mosley-Evans as Doctor Gravid – who diagnoses the curious ailment as a hereditary psychological condition – have such strong material to get across. But Robyn Allegra Parton makes something out of the younger Peg, more open than her relatives to Eames’s ideas – even if they turn out to be equally disastrous for her."

Vixen Sharpears, The Cunning Little Vixen, Co-Opera Co 2014
"Robyn was mesmerising and mischievous throughout"

Troppo cruda, troppo fiera, Handel, London Handel Festival 2014
"Parton sang with a lovely feel for the line and a wonderful intentness of purpose, plus great beauty of tone."

Musique Sacree, Charpentier, New College Choir, 2013
Caecilia - Caecilia Virgo et Martyr
"What a marvellous choice guest soprano Robyn Allegra Parton is as Caecilia. She sings with real clarity and a beautiful smooth tone yet manages to convey both piety and vulnerability."

Musique Sacree, Charpentier, New College Choir, 2013
Caecilia - Caecilia Virgo et Martyr
"The final dialogue with Caecilia just before her martyrdom, sees Parton by turns plangent and decisive before the final touching solo"

Girl, Handel Furioso, Grimeborn Festival, 2013
"Parton's sweet, soubrettish soprano, Starushkevych's dark, versatile mezzo and Perkins's dynamic direction of the single strings and theorbo ensemble combined to stylish and sincere effect."

Girl, Handel Furioso, Grimeborn Festival, 2013
"Robyn and Anna... acted with spirit and displayed attractive, well-schooled voices throughout."

Girl, Handel Furioso, Grimeborn Festival, 2013
"Robyn and Anna found a dramatic sincerity and sweetness that amplified their archetypes with surprising emotional heft"

Belinda, Dido and Aeneas, Britten Pears, Aldeburgh 2013
"Over and above its pedagogical value, it was the freshness and immediacy of this performance given by the Britten-Pears Baroque Ensemble, with singers from the Britten-Pears Young Artist programme, that made it memorable."

Zerlina, Don Giovanni, Co-Opera Co, 2012 
"Robyn Allegra Parton proved irresistible as an Essex-girl Zerlina— a dynamic stage presence throughout, but at her seductive best in Vedrai carino" 

Zerlina, Don Giovanni, Co-Opera Co, 2012 
"Zerlina holds sway as young professionals tackle Don Giovanni...Robyn Allegra Parton was all attitude and on top of everything... Zerlina’s emergence as a force to reckon with intrigued and delighted me." 

Kathleen Ferrier Award Final, Wigmore Hall, 2012 

"exuberant, accurate, poised and pleasing" Opera Today

Lammermuir Music Festival, Songs by Menotti and R Strauss, Winton House, 2012
"Robyn Allegra Parton clearly has a major career ahead. Watch for this name! Amazing singing at Winton today." @lammermuirfest

Les Azuriales Ozone Young Artists' Competition 2011 - winner of award for Most Promising Singer under 26
"Robyn Parton, aged just 24, showed plenty of thoughtful and delicate poise in her aria from Strauss's Rosenkavalier.”
Ashutosh Khandekar, Opera Now

Mercedes, Carmen, Opera Comique de Paris
“Robyn was simply stunning: she didn't only learn the whole part - music, stage and choreography - between Sunday morning and Monday night for the opening, but with a remarkable accuracy at all levels and a rare sensitivity, managed to give a very personal performance of the part and an obvious emotional support to the title role.”
Elsa Rooke, 05/11, Revival Director

Semele, Handel, Hampstead Garden Opera
“Robyn negotiated the fearsome technical difficulties of the title role with apparent ease, giving us a pretty timbre and plenty of flibbertigibbet characterisation along the way.” David Karlin, 14/04/11, Bachtrack “The central role is sung voluptuously by Robyn Parton, who tackles the challenging part confidently. She holds every eye in the house as she sulks like a child or pouts playfully at the king of the gods.”
Lizzie Davis, 16/04/11, Wordpress